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Laser Dentistry

Soft-Tissue Diode Lasers

Diode lasers are particularly useful in periodontal and hygiene practices in dentistry nowadays. Hygienists use diode lasers to kill bacteria deeper than the reach of instrumentation, at the same time stimulate tissue regeneration. It is an excellent adjunct to traditional scaling and root planning.



We also use diode lasers for soft tissue surgery, such as frenectomy and gingivectomy etc. This high-tech tool is a lot less invasive and scary than a conventional scalpel blade.

In addition, desensitization, operculectomy, curettage and aphthous ulcer treatments are other common procedures we use diode lasers for. Using diode lasers, our dentists are able to deliver the procedures with greater accuracy and dramatically improved healing times, providing patients with a more comfortable dental treatment experience.